Smart Corporate Design


An inspired work environment does wonders for productivity and morale. Steven L. Cohen & Associates’ extensive experience includes interior build-outs, new construction and redesigns of high-rise buildings, mixed use spaces and everything in between. Smart building design not only saves businesses significant operating costs, it also qualifies many businesses for impressive tax credits. From efficient lighting systems and appliances to use of green building materials, Steven L. Cohen & Associates will ensure that your commercial project is designed with consideration for the environment as we develop your workplace.


We design space to fit our clients’ current needs with an eye toward projected business needs of tomorrow. Creatively designed commercial space improves intra-office communications and business flow. Our process for developing spaces and interior design for corporate clients includes surveying the unique business’ goals, workflow, culture and aspirations. At Steven L. Cohen & Associates, our experiences with designing work spaces for numerous industry leaders has enabled us to gain an understanding of how such businesses channel their corporate brand within every detail. When consistency in design complements brand and culture, the corporate environment effectively educates staff and customers alike.


Aside from the logical aspects of design, Steven L. Cohen & Associates is heralded for having keen insights into workplace psychodynamics, allowing us to assist corporate clients with providing a satisfying and motivating workspace. Our interior design services for corporate clients consistently results in generating the positive energy that is mandatory for any business that seeks to grow and succeed. Custom furniture, tapestries, artwork and accessories will make your business an instant winner.

“Excellent corporate design enables everyone to feel like they’ve landed a coveted corner office”