Interior Design

Your Dream, Our Vision
Over the last thirty-five years, Steven L. Cohen & Associates has provided interior design services for residential and commercial projects throughout Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida and around the nation.  Our design is described as unique, understated, classic, modern, functional and everything in between – most often composed to fit the style of the client.

Steven L. Cohen & Associates excels at working with clients to develop and manage budget, and determine appropriate project scope to satisfy client needs and desires.  Over three decades of building and design experience enables us to draw on a plethora of vetted contacts − each highly regarded for providing high quality workmanship and detail.  Our industry partners work with us to enlighten clients about the latest in custom fabrics, lighting, furniture, hardware and accessories.

Custom Homes and Condominiums

We have had the pleasure of designing interiors for a wide spectrum of custom homes and condos.  Whether we’re designing a home in one of the nation’s most exclusive communities or beautifully appointed modest homes, the challenge is the same: to optimize the beauty and usefulness of the space.

Hospitality and Medical

Steven L. Cohen & Associates designs custom interiors for the hospitality industry – including restaurants, hotels, spas and clubs.  Our firm has also developed custom interior workspaces that meet the unique demands of medical and dental offices, as well as larger medical facilities.


Retail and assorted commercial spaces are also within the scope of our expertise.  Steven L. Cohen & Associates has provided interior design services for shopping centers and free-standing stores throughout much of South Florida.  Our clients have learned firsthand that chic and smart design welcomes enhanced visibility within the community and sets the tone for impressive consumer brands.

Form Follows Function

Every Steven L. Cohen & Associates design is a unique reflection of the personal style that belongs to the client, whether the interior space is for residential or commercial purposes.  Lifestyle, need and resources play a big role.  Our goal is to ensure that we’ve considered and presented every reasonable detail that can enhance the use of the interior space.

Design Trends Are Great, Let’s Start One

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