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Homes as Original as their Occupants
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After more than thirty five-years designing high quality residences, one thing is for certain: every home must be as original as its occupants. Our process begins by gaining an understanding of our client’s unique needs, aspirations and resources. It is our firm belief that nothing is more rewarding than creating a dwelling that exceeds expectations and inspires new creativity, which is often manifested in the decorative stages that follow architectural design.


Clients come to us with a variety of mindsets about their residential projects. Some have very highly developed thoughts about what they seek and others arrive in dire need of direction. Regardless of how we begin our discussion, the end result is always a game plan that maximizes the beauty and function of the space in ways most meaningful to the homeowner. Whether the residential project involves new construction, renovation or expansion, the creative team at Steven L. Cohen & Associates will listen intensely to needs and concerns prior to developing appropriate options that work with budget and scheduling parameters.

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Steven L. Cohen & Associates clients are served up more than great design. Years of industry experience has provided us with ample opportunities to collaborate with talented builders and artisans. Being a full service architecture and design firm includes providing our clients with direction needed to ensure that every detail of their residence is accessorized and enhanced by trusted craftspersons and high quality materials. Our firm is dedicated to providing extraordinary service and it has been our longstanding practice to only engage others who share such commitment.


Our creative team uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and 3-D software to provide accurate representations of each residential project. Clients benefit from seeing firsthand where the design of their dream residence is headed. Feedback is regularly solicited, alterations are incorporated and together we reach our project design goals. During every appropriate stage of design, our clients are consulted about options and updated with regard to schedule, budget and other considerations.

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“Like a good therapist, your architect should listen attentively and ask the right questions.”