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Multi-family Residential Architecture Design in Atlantic One Pompano Beach


From contemporary high rises and condominiums to smaller scale, more traditional townhomes, Steven L. Cohen & Associates has years of experience working with developers and property owners from the inception of an idea through its completion. We understand that every client has unique needs, aspirations and resources and believe that the best multifamily residential design starts with a practical conversation. At SLC, we make sure to listen intently to a client’s needs and concerns prior to developing appropriate options that work with budget and scheduling parameters, whether clients have a well developed design idea or need some direction.


Our team has years of experience working with municipalities, obtaining proper permits and turning ideas for multi-family residences into reality, with minimal headaches for our clients. We work with highly skilled engineers and consultants to make sure designs exceed client expectations and provide customized, comfortable living environments for their inhabitants. Smart, efficient design is always a component of the design process here at SLC. The end result of conversations with our clients is always a game plan that maximizes the beauty and function of the space in ways most meaningful to the property owner.


Being a full service architecture and design firm includes providing our clients with direction needed to ensure that every detail of their property is accessorized and enhanced by trusted craftspersons and high quality materials. Our firm is dedicated to providing extraordinary service and it has been our longstanding practice to only engage other consultants who share such commitment.


Our creative team uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and 3-D software to provide accurate representations of each multi-family residential project. Clients benefit from seeing firsthand where the design of their project is headed. Feedback is regularly solicited, alterations are incorporated and together we reach our project design goals. During every appropriate stage of design, our clients are consulted about options and updated with regard to schedule, budget and other considerations.

Multi-family Residential Architecture Design in Victoria Park, Fort Lauderdale

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