Construction Administration Services

We frequently act as the Construction Administrator for our clients as part of our standard architectural services.

What does a Construction Administrator do?

An experienced Construction Administrator knows how to oversee all aspects of construction and manage the general contractor’s operations. The original design can be subject to change during the construction process, and the building owner needs a strong advocate to preserve the design intent and ensure the finished project matches their expectations.

How Does a Construction Administrator Protect Your Investment?

It comes down to keeping the general contractor accountable for time and budget. Steven L. Cohen & Associates has the experience and knowledge in construction administration to protect the business owner’s financial interests. Without a Construction Administrator involved in the project, valuable time, resources, and money can be lost. Change order costs and construction delays can be a costly burden for the building owner. From using the right type of drywall to the correct roof straps and trusses, we make sure to keep the project moving according to schedule and budget, often reducing or eliminating extra costs.

Before the project is awarded, we will recommend general contractors based on their expertise and assist the owner in evaluating all bids to make the best choice. Once construction begins, we regularly supervise the site and observe progress.

When we serve as the Construction Administrator, we can continue our commitment to making exceptional design a reality for the entirety of the project. We can also provide Third Party Construction Management services as needed. From the moment the first drawing is completed to when the last brick is laid, you can trust Steven L. Cohen & Associates to make your project a success.

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