The Preserve at Rockledge

Multi-Family Residential

The Preserve at Rockledge

  • 46.6-acre total site with over 21.9-acres of wetlands left undisturbed and improved as a publicly accessible nature preserve with walking trails.
  • 180-units concentrated in twenty-one (21) 2-story buildings, arranged in a clustered configuration to minimize impact to the existing wetlands.
  • Dedicated public spaces including nature trails through the preserve with a Nature Center at the entry to educate visitors on the ecology of the site. 
  • Building designs broken out in both Townhouse and Villa unit typologies with varying unit counts per building, to provide variety in the massing and style of the buildings. 
  • Environmentally-friendly building design to integrate with the nature preserve, including the use of natural building materials, preservation of existing landscaping with the residential areas, and creation of indoor/outdoor private spaces for the units. 

Redevelopment of a 46.6-acre site, which includes ecologically sensitive wetland areas, into a new 180-unit multi-family residential development focused on environmentally-sensitive design and preservation.


Master Planning & Architecture


Rockledge, Florida