Yucca Valley, CA Residence

Single-Family Residential

Yucca Valley, CA Residence

  • Spacious 3200 square foot home, complete with an additional 785 square feet of covered exterior patio, offering exceptional vistas overlooking the breathtaking Yucca Valley.
  • House designed with the utmost respect for the environment, including preservation of the majestic Joshua trees and the natural topography of the site.
  • Residence cleverly utilizes the sloping landscape, tucked away so as not to obstruct the panoramic views from neighboring properties, while creating a private haven of tranquility and beauty for the owner.
  • Design is oriented to maximize light, minimize heat gain, and take advantage of the natural air currents. This eco-conscious design strategy allows for passive cooling in open areas, providing a comfortable, airy environment that synchronizes with the desert wind patterns.
  • Choice of materials and finishes echo the hues and textures of the surrounding landscape, creating a beautiful blend of nature and modern architecture. The natural aesthetic threads through every space, highlighting the charm of the desert and amplifying the overall allure of the home.

Spacious new 3,200 square foot single-family home in Yucca Valley, CA




Yucca Valley, California